About Us

Airports across the globe are becoming bigger & crowded, leaving passengers, who require special care or VIP treatment in complete disarray which leads to lot of stress and anxiety.

Research shows that the reason of anxiety for:-

  • 1. 36% of the airline passenger’s is related to their check-in luggage
  • 2. 31% passengers’ fears “will I make it to the boarding gate on-time?”
  • 3. 24% are anxious when their near ones like wife, kids or parents, are travelling alone

At the Airports, there is an inherent demand for professional assistance for corporate clients, warmth and care for family and elderly guests, secured transit for young guests, high end facilitation service for VIPs & CIPs. This has been necessitated due to the increased need for Business travel, leisure travel, and ever increasing service needs of the Airline passengers travelling within India as well as tourists coming into India. Most importantly the spending power of the average traveler has increased and hence there is a constant demand for such services.

Although there are service providers who can help passengers by making their journey hassle free, they are all scattered. The mode of booking is mostly offline and even those who are online; passengers have to move from one website to another to make the bookings, as there are different service providers at each airport. Also, the booking experience is very outdated and not seamless.

Airportzo has been conceptualized keeping these opportunities in mind & with an intent to help passengers in need by bringing these service providers on one platform by using the cutting edge technology to make the journey of these passengers and their loved ones’ hassle free in true sense. Our services ranges from Meet & Assist, Airport Lounge, Baggage Porter, Airport Transfer, Visa Assistance, Welcome Bouquet Service and many more…

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